Homeowner's Overview

  • Homeowners Guide

    Selling real estate is not something to take lightly. However, there are some easy steps that can help you get the maximum return on your home.

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  • Whats My Home Worth?

    After finding a real estate agent you trust, the next critical step is pricing your home. Look around at similar houses for sale in your neighborhood and price yours in that range.

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  • Sold Properties

    At some point in the selling process, most people consider selling the property themselves. While FSBO (For Sale By Owner) is not necessarily a bad way to go...

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  • Find an Agent

    Finding a good real estate agent is essential to enjoying a seamless real estate experience. The best agent for you is a professional who will listen to you...

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  • List With Us

    Your agent will be able to handle most of the details, though the final decisions on price and sale will be yours to make. Get a professional and efficient representation...

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    Glen Key Realtys effort on your behalf will be to obtain the maximum market value in the least possible time at a minimum of inconvenience to you. We are committed to the highest standards ...

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    The key to marketing your home is to create the excitement, which it well deserves. I will try to do this in the plan that follows...

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    It is very important to spruce your home up as much as possible so that when buyers visit they are favorably impressed. We have found that by taking the following steps...

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    In determining your asking price, we need to consider WHY you have chosen to put your home on the market. In most cases, the higher the asking price, the longer it takes for the home to sell...

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