Showing Tips

It is very important to spruce your home up as much as possible so that when buyers visit they are favorably impressed. We have found that by taking the following steps you can make your home more appealing, and increase the likelihood that it will sell quickly, and for the best possible price.

Steps To Take Now:

  • Keep lawn neatly trimmed.
  • Clean all windows.
  • Paint or clean entry porch and front door.
  • Replace all burned –out light bulbs.
  • Tidy up closets. If possible, clean out your closets and store as many items as you can someplace else.
  • Eliminate clutter from counter tops, bookcases, and all floor areas.
  • If you have pets, determine if there is any area (preferably outside or in your garage) where you can confine them when potential buyers visit.
  • Fix any leaky faucets or defective electrical switches.
  • Give your home a careful cleaning.

Steps To Take When A Buyer Is About To Come To Your Home:

  • Turn all the lights on, even if it’s daytime.
  • Tidy up the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Freshen up any cat litter box, or hide it.
  • Keep the house comfortable. This may require turning the heat up to at least 68 degrees in winter. If you have a working fireplace, light a fire.
  • Put money and valuables out of sight.

Steps To Take When An Agent Is About To Bring A Buyer To Your Home:
In addition to the steps above:

  • Try to leave the house during the visit. Buyers will be more comfortable if the owner is not present.
  • If you can’t arrange for your children to go someplace else, keep them occupied in one room.
  • Let the sales associate show your house. Do not follow them around your house.
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